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Diabetics' Clinic

More than two million Canadians have diabetes according to the Canadian Diabetes Association.  Proper management of diabetes can assist you in maintaining a happier, healthier lifestyle and avoid diabetes-related complications.  Patient education is a key component of our Diabetes Clinic.

We help diabetics understand, monitor and control their disease as effectively as possible through assessments, monitoring and management, blood sugar testing and training. 
Our Clinic also provides referrals as required, including:

  • Foot care consultation with Podiatrist – if you have a private health care plan to cover this expense, please advise your family doctor
  • Eye exam by an Ophthalmologist - your first referral will be made by our office, and the Ophthalmology office will contact you for an appointment every year.
  • Dietician

These primary care services are provided to patients of Montebello Medical by family physicians.  Visits are booked by appointment only.
Please note:  Please bring your own glucometer with you for blood sugar testing.
For more information, visit:

  • The Canadian Diabetes Association (www.diabetes.ca)




Attending Physician
Dr. E. Malak

Clinic Hours
10 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday
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