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Pregnant Care Clinic

Pregnancy can be a very exciting yet worrisome time in a woman’s life.  A woman’s health and comfort and a caring obstetrician are the secrets to a happy pregnancy and positive birthing experience.

Our clinic provides primary care to pregnant women including general pre-natal health care services such as check-ups, examinations and fetal growth monitoring.  Our obstetricians also offer sound advice, education and assistance to expectant mothers. 

We advise expectant mothers to book visits to our Pregnant Care Clinic on a regular basis to allow our obstetricians to keep a close watch on both mom and baby’s health. 

The following frequency of visits is recommended:

  • On a monthly basis for the first 28 weeks of pregnancy
  • Bi-weekly from weeks 28 – 35
  • Weekly from week 36 to delivery

Ultrasounds are provided at 18 weeks and 30 weeks of pregnancy.

You are welcome to bring your partner, family or friends along for support and to share the special experiences that come with pregnancy.
These primary care services are provided to patients of Montebello Medical by family physicians. Visits are booked by appointment only.
For more information, visit:

IWK Health Centre



Attending Physician
Dr. S Aziz

Clinic Hours
10 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday

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