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No show fine
Q: What happens if I don’t show up or call to cancel my appointment?
A:  A fine of $20 will be billed to you if you do not show for your appointment. Please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours before the appointment.
Q: What if I am facing an emergency or a condition that is urgent?
A: If you think that your condition is an emergency, call 911 immediately. If the matter is of an urgent nature, please call 911 or go to your local emergency room.
Urgent appointments
Q: What if I feel I really need an appointment quickly?
A: If you think that you condition is urgent, call and explain to our office assistant why you need an urgent appointment. If your family physician is not able to see you at that time, you can be seen in the walk-in clinic during clinic hours.
Shared appointment
Q: Can I book appointments for myself and someone else together or back-to-back?
A: If you wish to have an appointment for two people simultaneously or successively, please tell our office assistant.
Extended appointment
Q: What if I have various health concerns to discuss with my doctor and need more time?
A: If you feel you need to have an extended appointment with your doctor to discuss health care concerns, please give your doctor’s office as much advance notice as possible.
Walk-in Clinics
Q: What is the role of the Walk-in Clinic?
A: Walk-in clinics are not intended for appointments with your family physician but are designed to deal with immediate health care needs as they arise.

Q: Can I see my family physician during a Walk-in Clinic?
A: If your family physician happens to be on duty at the walk-in clinic when you arrive, he or she can only assist you with the immediate health care concern that prompted your clinic visit. On duty physicians at the clinic physicians do not access lab reports, files and information that pertain to other health care issues normally attended to by your family physician during appointments.
Family Doctor appointments
Q: What if I have several health care issues to be dealt with on a non-urgent basis?
A: Patients with non-urgent needs should book an appointment with their Family Physician. The walk-in clinic is not the best option for patents  with a need for counselling or consultations that requiring lengthy discussion.
Narcotic prescriptions
Q:  Can I get narcotic medications?
A: Absolutely not, no narcotic medications will be prescribed in the Walk-in Clinic. Narcotic medications need a special kind of prescription that is not available in the walk-in clinic. Narcotic medications should only be prescribed by your family physician.
Medical reports
Q: How will my doctor know about my walk-in visit health care?
A: Report about the walk-in visit will be sent to regular your family practitioner for follow up.
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